Saturday, September 20, 2008

STI Escort: Round Two.

After a second range trip I did a full detail strip of the pistol. The wear patterns were minimal and as expected. All the internal lockwork is tight, and well machined. I don't know enough about custom or semi-custom 1911s to know if these parts were as they should be, but all looked very good to my eye. Additionally the quality of the fit and finish is notably tighter then my Kimber (at least 10K difference in round count may influence this too).

This time out I was at the NRA range, where I could shoot at longer ranges. The gun is definitely more accurate then I am, but I was able to hold a 4" group at 100 ft with it. I didn't have the Kimber with me for direct comparison, so I'll have to go back.

I have two complaints with the gun: first is that the trigger is a 'long' length, instead of the medium I prefer; second is the plastic mainspring housing.

On the issue of trigger length: I fail to understand why all manufactures seem to be using them at this point. The only people I know who's hands actually fit this length trigger are the men with gorilla hands. Every one else I've seen shoots better with a shorter trigger, myself very much included. I'll be getting a 10-8 flat trigger when I have a chance.

The mainspring housing is purely one of preference and style. I'm not aware of any technical advantage to the metal ones, but I just don't like plastic parts.

The function of the pistol is near flawless. The slide stop is slightly too long on the internal face, where it should engage the magazine follower. This causes the slide to lock open on the occasional cartridge that is slightly too long. A little work with a file, and the problem is likely gone. Next range trip I'll bring a file with me to be sure though.

Overall I'm quite happy with the piece, and carrying it in a 511 holster shirt is very comfortable. The gun also disapears with the holster shirt under a fitted dress shirt.


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