Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mr. The Plague (Is living in my lungs)

Apparently my trip back to MA last weekend resulted in my getting sick with the fall Plague.

However LadyElf and Dr. Paws are safely moved into the new apartment, which appears to be getting good reviews from both. The second floor porch is particularly popular with The Dr, who likes to sit and watch every one going in and out of the complex.

The trip to MA also included my bachelor party, in preparation for the wedding next weekend. It started in the morning, with Sporting Clays; and ended in the evening with dinner and a gentleman's club. Everyone had a great time, and really how can any day that involves guns, steaks and 'entertainment' not be a good time?

The STI Escort ordered long ago from FBMG has finally arrived, so there will be pictures and a range report tomorow.


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