Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Week Down

Well, another weekend down, and I haven't spent more then half an hour on the computer or teh interwebz. I suppose this is a good thing, but it does mean less writing then I'd hope.

We've got a new cabinet for the TV and Tivo put together and stained. The electronics can be moved some night this week, after the stain finished drying. Since Sr. Paws has managed to leave the electronics alone in their current state (sitting on the floor) we have high hopes that a Tivo cage will not be needed in the new set up.

While I was working on that LadyElf managed to get all the crap scattered around the house cleaned up. I'm impressed, given the number of times I've tried and failed at that task.

Last night was dinner with some folks from the Basenji forum (LadyElf maintains the web presence there, I handle the gun forums). A good time was had by all, except the dogs, who were left at home in the kennels.

The road bike made another appearance: 22 miles today. Riding in the flat lands here is (gasp and shock) much easier then the hill country around Worcester. I'm going to need a longer loop, or to go harder, or both.

Tonight LadyElf's parents stopped in for dinner on their way back from SC. And now I'm cooking super garlic meatballs: 1/2lb of hamburger, 2 bulbs (not cloves) off garlic, a pan of tomato sauce to cook them in, and other spices to taste (for me this includes 2tbls of Daves Insanity). Make the meat balls, and use one bulb of garlic in the meat, make the sauce and use the other. Cook for an hour or longer.

Don't expect a kiss after eating.

Welcome to the excitement that is my life. Coming up this week: a write up of the Norfolk County Rifle Range IDPA match last Thursday; an update to the Open Carry Files; LadyElf's first day at her new job; Hopefully something interesting to both of you.


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