Sunday, September 7, 2008

STI Escort Range Report

At the advice of Mr. Correia I got an STI Escort. After taking it shooting once my only complaint is that I didn't bring more ammo.

I had oiled the gun up a couple days before heading out, and there was still oil in all the places I put it when I got to the firing line. After a hundred or so rounds, about as fast as I could reload the mags, I saw 2 failures to feed. The cartridge was not quite making it out of the feed lips. Another squirt of MachineGun lube, and that was solved for the rest of the day.

Those were also the only failures seen, and may have been the mag, not the gun.

My initial impressions were good: out of the box the gun was very tight, and the trigger has some take up, breaks like glass (about #4) and has no over travel.

Shooting was no less impressive: it holds tighter groups then I can appreciate, and the narrow front sight makes shooting at 25 yards easy. Up close the three dot sights are easy to pick up and use.

I'll have to try an IDPA match to really get a feeling for how fast the gun is, but my suspicion is that it will do anything I can, better then I can.

Compared to my Kimber: the recoil is much harsher. The weight savings of the aluminum frame take the big push of a full size 1911 and turn it into more of a snap. Its still not as snappy as a Glock or my Sig, but defiantly more recoil then the Kimber. That one gripe aside, it makes a very nice little sister to the Kimber.

Bottom line: I'm happy with it, and suspect LadyElf will be stealing it from me sooner then latter.

Cleaning report and view of the funky STI take down system to follow after I get some work done.


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