Monday, October 6, 2008

Usefull Idiots

From the Lady Breda we get this. A former KGB agent, interviewed in 1985, speaks of the wonders of the Marxist-Leninist state.

He states openly: all the useful idiots will be rounded up and shot, because after they find out that a) in the New Marxist-Leninist state they will not be in power and b) its not a very nice place to live if you aren't in power, they will revolt. And former useful idiots make very deep enemies for a Marxist dictator. So they get shot first.

And the money quote: "If this happens (the Marxists come to power) there will be no where for you to defect to like there was for me. Unless you want to move to Antarctica and live with the penguins".


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Norfolk County Rifle Range hosts 3 IDPA club matches every month. I've made it too three of them since moving down here. The matches are well run, and consist of four indoor stages, often with one low/no light. The first thing to note is the SO staff: they're quite helpful and have a good system in place for getting new shooters up to speed, and keeping the rest of us in line.

For the size of the range four stages is impressive. The down side is moment is limited on a couple of the stages, and the round count is low on all. I have yet to need more then 50 rounds of ammo for the night. This is made up for but devilish stages that require a good plan, and careful execution.

Front site, press. Just keep repeating that.

The club is very well equipped with props and moving targets, and puts them to good use. This is good practice for big matches, where you will have to shoot at such contraptions.

My performance has been very satisfactory by my own standards, and not bad in the overall rankings. My times have been getting faster, and my points are staying very low, which is what needed to happen.

Match videos from last week:

You'll note how the black plastic 'wall' is moving when I shoot in the beginning of this one. That was seriously getting in my way seeing the targets. The tac-load is to have a full gun for engaging the popper and single exposure mover, then another on the way forward because I could, and it saves a slide lock load on the clock latter. Also note my attempt at a procedural error leaving cover too soon.

This one went great, except for the swinger at the end. In the end I got the points I needed on the target, but getting there was ugly. Also note in the beginning: there is a no-threat moving up range at the shooter, its only in the picture for a few frames, but this use of the 'normal' range wires added a very interesting dimension to the stage.