Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shooting with Mr. Murphy

Since we couldn't make it to Jay's get together again LadyElf and I decided to go try our luck at the local bowling pin match.

To say it went poorly would be an understatement, between the two of us we had more ammo or gun related problems in the course of 150 rounds then I have had in the previous 18 months and 10K rounds.

Things that worked:
The truck, and the pizza place we stopped at on the way home.

Things that mostly worked:
The Kimber digested all but the most horribly malformed reloads.
My experimental 'U' notch sights were only 4" off at 7 yards, but the basic principal seems to work.

Things that did not work:
The STI Escort, it will get a detail strip and full check over, but I suspect crappy reloads had some influence here.
My TFO tritium/fiber sights, the fiber fell out of the front blade. I've had them on for about 6 months, trying to decide if they were rugged enough to survive life near me, and the answer is No.

Aside from finding Mr. Murphy then putting two rounds in his chest, then one more in his head just to be sure; I'll be detail stripping and cleaning everything. Some of the problems were clearly ammo, I've been cycling out my cache ammo of reloads, and it looks like I have a bad batch in there. Given that I've changed several things on my setup and not had trouble with any recently loaded ammo I'm not too worried.

On the sights I'll be ordering a set of 10-8 'U' notch sights, and sending them off to have tijicon inserts installed. Much as the TFO is a nice combination of Triji and fiber, its not very robust, and the green on green does not draw attention to the front sight. Triji green front and yellow rear, with a white outline on the front is not as bright, but it works well in all light, and doesn't fall apart.

Stay Safe,