Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Open Carry Files (1 of many)

This will (hopefully) be a recurring feature here, where I talk about what happens when you open carry in Southern VA.

Here's what got me thinking about it:
"I'm beginning to think that you could walk through the middle of the mall with a neon-pink STI Open Class racegun in a drop thigh rig, wearing a tee-shirt that says, in four inch fuschia letters "I AM CARRYING A GUN", and maybe one in ten people would pause their cell phone conversations long enough to notice..." ~ Lady Tam

While I have none of that equipment I do have a Govt. Model 1911 and an IWB holster. LadyElf prefers the Sig 239 (.357Sig) she liberated from my safe, and a JIT slide holster.

In shopping for furniture this weekend (isn't being a grown up exciting?) we wandered through a good dozen shops so attired.

A few people noticed, but made no comment. I'd say maybe 15%.

Two people made comments:

One furniture store sales guy asked LadyElf why she was carrying a weapon, and when told: "Because I'm a citizen and I can." Stated to ask about shooting, lawfull use of deadly force, and what sort of sofa he could sell us. I must admit it was a good transition back to the business at hand.

In the grocery store an older gentlemen in an NRA ball cap walked up and asked me: "Do you need a strap or something on your holster to Open Carry in Va?" I replied that I sure hoped not, as my holster has no retention features (other then my pissy attitude about people grabbing for my gun, and some training to back that up). We had a nice chat about his new concealed carry permit and how few people seem to care about open or concealed carry around here. Then our wives returned, and we both moved off in search of food.

At the dog park on Friday I got more comments then I have everywhere else combined. Almost everyone took it as an invitation to ask me about shooting, guns, why their husband was so into guns, what sort of safe to get... You get the idea. Honestly I'll be sure to open carry there in the future, as it makes the experience much less boring (watching dogs play chase, and picking up dog poo: not my favorite hobby).


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