Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why I Bother

One of my hobbies is teaching folks to shoot. Lissa explains why.

And no, I can't take any credit for her learning to shoot, she seemed to have a good handle on that by the time we met at Jay_G's blogger shoot. All I did was hand her an AR-15 and a full magazine.



lookingforlissa said...

A ha, so it WAS you with the AR-15! That gun made me its b*tch and I LIKED IT.

lookingforlissa said...

Hey there, it's okay to post your pic as long as I don't use your name, correct? Please let me know so I don't accidentally expose you to the paparazzi :)

ArcticElf said...

"That gun made me its b*tch and I LIKED IT."

I'm glad it was good for you too :)