Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Introducing the Staff

LadyElf, my soon to be bride:

Dr. Indiana Paws, our professional daemon:

Your humble scribe:


Anonymous said...

LadyElf, nice to meet you and congratulations! Please come play with us next time!

Hmmm . . . professional daemon? If "daemon" is a reference to Philip Pullman, I get it, but I haven't heard that there were professionals and amateurs. Though if my kitty is one, he's DEFINITELY an amateur.

ArcticElf said...

'daemon' in this case is my inner unix geek showing through, not a literary reference.

My old shepherd/wolf mix was an amateur daemon, she mostly just wanted to play.

Dr. Paws, on the other hand, wants to see whats on the inside of things, and he does a very good job of getting it out.

This became apparent when we brought him home, and the first thing he did was find every dust bunny in the house, and pile them neatly in the middle of the floor.


Ted said...

I had a shepherd once - great dog, great friend. Sort of like Solaris.

Now the Mrs. has a terrier. Fun, kind of plug and play, but not very manageable and you have to restart it all the time. Like NT.


And nice use of the shooting sling! The Mrs. things you should call yourself "Marlboro Man."

LadyElf, and suggestions for how I can get the Mrs to the range with me would be very much appreciated.

ArcticElf said...

Your request has been passed along.