Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting the Mrs. to go shooting

In a comment a while back LadyElf's opinion was asked for how to get your wife or lady friend to go shooting. Here is her response:

(1) Try to arrange a girly day at the range (sans any boys) sometimes
its more fun to shoot around with the ladies at first. I know a
great many women who don't feel comfortable shooting with their men
for one reason or another. Me personally...I like to try different
silly things to see if they help. Positions other than the
"standard" prone positions, sitting, etc. and what I have found is
that sometimes your guy or the guys with you want to "help" and they
end up making you feel awkward.

(2) On the same vain, try not obsessing about guns. When I go to the
range or a class with the guys I will usually get hours and hours of
talk about guns, and different cool things, and what super duper
coolio thing they are going to try, or have. Sometimes I just want
to go to the range, do my thing and leave it behind, or talk about
some of the more simple elegant aspects of shooting. The way the
perfect shot feels (not physically), how to watch the clays fly for
maximal hits, etc. but I don't want to be super intense about it just
sort of be flowy about it.

(3) Taking my pistol and shooting at a piece of paper all
day...boring. Shooting at clay, steel, stuff that moves, taking the
art of rifle and trying to perfect the positions, etc. for an hour or
two excellent.

So really what I am suggesting is, ask your girl what she likes, let
her direct the conversation once in a while, and try to back the
intensity off. When she looks as if she is doing something weird,
but doesn't ask for help...let her go and maybe later ask what she
was trying get more info instead of trying to correct a perceived
mistake. Try different things, maybe suggest she go to a women on
target those are cool. But everyone is different, maybe you are lax
about shooting and she wants to be intense who knows. Hope this

My comments:
1) Don't try to teach her to shoot. Period, then end, full stop. Have her take a class from Jon Green at GOAL. He is the best instructor I know, and if she doesn't like shooting after his class, probably won't ever like it. If thats not an option get a mutual friend who she likes and can deal with to show her the basics.

2) When you do go shooting togeather do it on her terms, not yours. Don't plan to do your regular practice, or your regular plinking or what ever.

3) In the same vein: pay attention to her, but let her have as much space as she wants. Read: don't go talk to your buddy and ignore her until she tells you to get lost and let her shoot.

4) Do something she likes after the range trip. She is likely humoring you until she gets into the shooting sports, so return the favor.

Finally: Once she does get into shooting, and starts to learn what she likes, expect to have some of your guns claimed as 'hers'.

Good luck,

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Ted said...

LadyElf, thanks for the great ideas. I'll keep working on her, although after 20 years, she's often impervious to my best moves.