Monday, July 28, 2008

Memo To Massholes on 290 West

If I may riff on Jay_G's common thread:

1) Look before you change lanes. While driving your bimbo-box into my VW Rabit will annoy me as much as it does you, driving it under the rear tires of an 18-wheeler (or Jay's truck) will be the end of you cell phone call, and hopefully your driving career. Try not to kill anyone else being a fsckwit either.

As a note: We at GTWTW HW only support highway deaths that involve Porsches flying backwards over cliffs while on fire. Because clearly you've worked for it :)

2) Speaking of Porsches: If I can overtake your Boxter (again in my stock VW) in a twisty off ramp, while you are visibly trying to outrun me (and have just cut me off getting off the highway), YOUR DOING IT WRONG. Give me the keys, and go back to your Prius.

3) Again with the mirrors. Those are the things sticking off the side of your car. If you look, you will see my car, and I, in the lane next to you. While I'm doing my damnedest to get around your Starbucks drinking, slow, ass, I'm going to be there for a few seconds. If you look before wandering aimlessly into the left lane I, and the guy behind me, would greatly appreciate it.

Drive Safe, and check your Six,


Jay G said...

Bravo, good sir.

We appear to be running into the same halfwits. They sure get around, don't they?

ArcticElf said...

They are legion. Its a pity there isn't room in my car for a surface to surface missile launcher....