Sunday, August 17, 2008

Update Content to Follow

I have an apartment down here now, nicer then the previous place, and about the same in rent. Still no intertubes at home though, so updates will remain sporadic.

I've found an IDPA chapter, who run a 4 stage indoor match 3 times a month. I suspect their chairman of being crazy, but have not met him yet. Last week's match as a good show though, we'll see how my times add up some time this week.

Jay_G has a post open carry, which I'm sure everyone reading this has already seen and commented on. I generally agree with him, from a tactical perspective, and was certainly glad I had my piece concealed the other night (I'll post the full story later). Suffice to say it made de-escalating the situation and dealing with hotel management much easier with neither the aggressors or the manager knowing I was packing.

On the flip side: not having to worry about flashing my piece as I get into/out of the car at a gas station is damned nice. I still have the 'Massachusetts Panic' when the wind blows wrong and my jacket lifts though, or when I am taking my jacket off to get into the car. Like many forms of mental trauma though it seems to be fading, and hopefully will continue to do so.

More content, and a write up on the above mentioned incident, and blog role updates, to follow.


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Big Gay Al said...

I truly feel for you. I used to live in the People's Republik of Illinois, which in many ways is even worse, as they don't issue any concealed permits in the Land of Daly. However, as open carry is completely legal in Michigan, I do it as much as I can.