Monday, August 25, 2008

Free State Politics

While out driving around trying to defrost myself at lunch the other day (the AC works really well in my office) I stopped at Bobs Tackle and Guns. He's in Norfolk, and seemed to have good prices on guns, a bit below MSRP, but not too much.

I managed to walk past the rack of Kimbers, and the couple Wilson Combat models, with out drooling (on the glass) or asking to handle any guns I don't have the cash for.

Then I got to talking with one of the guys hanging out in the store. He asked how Mass was, because everyone down here knows (generally) how bad the laws in MA are. At some point he opined that 'Shall Issue' permits aren't a great thing, because _AnyOne_ can get a CHP.

That floored me.

He was seriously arguing that 'some people shouldn't have guns' and not the 'felons and insane' argument either. That I (mostly) agree with, but after living in MA I can't conceive of how permits at all are a good thing, never mind may issue permits.

I suppose, as I try to wrap my mind around his statement) that if you have a decent on unobtrusive government, 'reasonable restrictions' sound well, reasonable. And as long as the government is harassing other people you're free to do as you please.

If I start arguing that some restrictions make sense some one come take my GOAL card, as I clearly don't deserve it any more.

I think its time to find the local VCDL chapter and get involved, because I have zero time or patience for people like the above twit.



HeroHog said...

Drop on by, we will welcome you with open arms!

HeroHog said...

PS: HeroHog is a fairly active, if a bit gimpy, VCDL member.

Jay G said...

When you think about, the whole concept of a permit to CCW is ridiculous.

Think about it.

Who applies for the permits? The most law-abiding of citizens.

Who carries without a permit? Those that aren't swayed by laws to begin with.

So tell me, again, what the function of a permit for CCW is other than a revenue-generating device for the state?

I mean, if I cany buy a gun, I can carry that gun. The only thing stopping me from not carrying it concealed is not having a permission slip from the state that is in clear violation of the Constitution? Uh?

Your friend's argument is but the first step on the slippery slope towards Great Britain...