Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Steps forward, One Step Back

I've moved to a 'free' state.
Have a valid CHP, with the only limitation being no concealed carry in a place that serves alcohol.

So far so good. Work, of course, does not allow employees to carry 'fire arms, other weapons, or any other instrument intended to injure or terrify other employees'. Given that I'm required to show up in business cloths I will have several items readily available to cause plenty of injury should I need to, but they all make it through airport security. To cut off the 'concealed means concealed' crowd: I will soon have a security clearance, violating company policy like that means you have to disclose it (or lie to a federal investigator), and that means no clearance, and hence no job.

But it gets better: It was just pointed out to me that our customer site(The DOD) where I can expect to spend most of my time after getting my clearance, is located on a federal reservation. So now I can't even leave the shooting iron in my car.

That snickering you hear is the universe laughing at me. And I suspect a few of you too.


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