Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not Very Good at This Blogging Thing

Worcester MA area meet up: Thursday, 14 July 2011. At the Horse Shoe Pub, Hudson MA. The reservation is for Mr. Johnson.

Last weekend Lady Elf threw her sister a bridal shower and bachelorete party, the former lasting almost as long as the latter. Given the state of all involved when they were over I am unclear which was a wilder party. Neither got the coroner called, so they was less then a 3 on the 'Lady Elf throws a wild party scale'.

While all that was going on my Father in Law (FiL) and I went to the NRA and met with Old NFO. A good time was had by all, and a few C Stories swapped. Along the way I botched by Fairfax land navigation, but made up for it with a perfect 20 on Boston Driving :) Next time I'm using a damned map.

My FiL succeeded again in producing a marksman ship challenge everyone: shoot the numbered area on a dart board at 7 yards.

Old NFO produced a couple very nice 1911s for us to try, and my fingers have mostly recovered from the stippling on his Clark Custom. For a pistol that is not broken in its an amazing gun, and once again we are reminded why master craftsmen charge the prices they do.

Now its off to Boston again, we'll see if the TSA boy with the kind eyes is working Logan again.


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