Saturday, October 23, 2010

Black Water IDPA

Observations from the first day of competition at the 2010 Blackwater IDPA Shoot house Shootout:

This is the second year I've worked the match, and its interesting to see the varying styles of the SOs and the shooters.

Watching the shooters try to take cover in close quarters forces them to either move back to avoid crowding the cover, or expose to much of thier bodies.

the shooters are very good at diferentiating between shoot and noshoot targets.  But the extra queues (flashing lights on the frame) and opening doors cause confusion, or were outright missed.  Presumably because its not part of thier usual mind set.

The supprising thing to me was the number of folks supprised by thier guns running dry.  When the slide locks open they stand like a duck in thunder, or dont notice and try to pull the trigger harder.

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